SHM: HUSSMANN Low Profile, Specialty Horizontal Merchandisers

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 VIEW DETAILS HERE: SHM: HUSSMANN Low Profile Specialty Hortizontal, Self-Contained Medium Temperature Deli Merchandiser

SHM-3, SHM-4 Self-Contained and Remote, Medium Temperature Deli Case for Produce, Pizza, Sandwiches or Beverages


The contemporary styling of the SHM places maximum attention on merchandising.  A softer, rounder design featuring as standard a white base with black bumper.  All SHM merchandisers have the same contour and line up together to create extended product displays.


The SHM is a traffic stopper…a product mover… with a display area that creates a dramatic, unlimited view of the product display. Large volume three-step display insert brings the product to the customer and stimulates impulse sales throughout your store.

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